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mercoledì 9 novembre 2011


My own copy of the original edition 


You have to answer two questions:
  • why is David Bowie fellatio-ing Mick Ronson guitar on June 17, 1972 at Oxford Town Hall?
  • Why David Bowie gifted Mott The Hoople with a song – “All The Young Dudes” – which will stand out within the canon of David Bowie songs?

Because Mott The Hoople are (or Ian Hunter is) a boys band like David Bowie is a boy soloist with a twist of “not so boy-ish”.

Mott The Hoople will never keep their unexpressed promise of being less macho and more glam AND will never be able to equal “All The Young Dudes”.

Mott The Hoople even today remain a massive A massive hope for our misspelt youth.

I can not, nor I will try to, go further than Morrissey short essay which accompanies the documentary DVD The ballad of Mott The Hoople in trying to explain the band. He is perfect and I say “perfect”.

Given followers like Kris Needs and Mick Jones (even not counting Morrissey) one wonders how short is the distance between Mott The Hoople and New York Dolls.

I had the chance to attend a Ian Hunter concert recently (in 2010) and “All The Young Dudes” was at the end of the set.

We may still be studying Mott The Hoople in 2011 but we also ask ourselves why, oh why, “we are still alive after twenty-five” and without Ronno.


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