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sabato 3 dicembre 2011

IN TUNE WITH WHAT? Uncut The Clash “ultimate guide”

Original Capital Radio EP promotional copy,
which bears no title on cover and has the song on side B (the one not shown here)

Uncut The Clash “ultimate guide”

I purchased Uncut “ultimate guide” about The Clash.
I may dedicate a specific and detailed post to it, but suffice to say:
  • it lacks coordination: some albums get mention of reissues, some don’t,
  • it is far from “ultimate” in terms of completeness: why Superblack Market Clash is not considered within the compilation section? Why the “singles box” is considered as if it was a CD only release and the reviewer fails to consider that it contains the Capital Radio EP?,
  • it is short of an essential bibliography (The Clash are not David Bowie, so some help for those, the young ones, who want to read about them would have been welcome),
  • it misses another point in not considering at least some tracks which, unavailable officially, are nonetheless to be found in some bootlegs (I do mainly refer to the – already mentioned in a post of mine in Italian about The Clash – double version of Combat Rock: Rat Patrol From Fort Bragg).
So it is not ultimate.

As for the title of this post, it is derived from “Capital Radio” lyrics.


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